Kitchen Cleaning Guidelines

  • Clean all the Cooking Utensils, Spoons, Trays etc. and put them in the respective shelves.
  • Clean and Place all the Water Jugs back in its place.
  • Clean the kitchen, Inside & Outside Counters when you are done serving the Prasad.
  • Please do not put the leftovers in the refrigerator.
  • Please bring your own containers or ziplock bags to take home the left over food.
  • Please bring your own aluminium wrap & aluminium trays.
  • Please bring your own paper plates, napkins, cups and spoons for 500 people. (If Temple provides the supplies, replacement cost will be charged.)
  • Please make sure all the dirty paper cups & plates are cleaned from all the tables & thrown in the garbage bins.
  • Please clean all the tables & chairs before you leave.
Please Keep the Temple Kitchen and Dinning Hall Clean. 

If you need any further assistance please contact : 
Temple Office – 248-879-2552 or
Sunitha Jalagam 248-470-7410 or Sreenivas Oruganti 313-433-6201